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What is included
THese templates have been expertly designed to help you:
  •  Deliver a polished and professional first impression
  •  Easily create consistent content, to increase engagement and continued brand trust
  •  Elevate your brand and business image and charge what you are worth
  •  Position yourself as the expert and attract the right clients to your business
10 x Instagram Tile Templates
4 x Animated Instagram Tile Templates
28 x Highlight Icons
1 x Style Guide Template 

1 x PDF file with step by step instructions on how to the templates.

1 x VIP access to The Chic Collective Facebook Group.
This group is invitation only, as I share marketing magic, design dos and don't, tips, tutorials and some of my best resources. 
All so you can design a brand that stands outs and you can be truely proud of.

Plus you can ask me all your burning design and branding Qs.

Bonus - All stock images used are yours to use too. ( Possible upsell of $37.00 to see video of where to find your own images and fonts) How to select and pick them.

Sneak Secret - You can use these templates on Facebook too & save $!

What you need
A Canva For Work ( Paid account )
Canva's free account is great, however it is limited and we want to offer you branding ideas, training and templates that are limitless.

If you don't have the paid version of Canva, you can sign up for a 30 day FREE trial here
For all it offers, especially in the way of free stock images for the beauty industry. It is soooo worth it. 
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As all items are available for immediate digital access, all sales are non-exchangeable, refundable and final.

If an image is watermarked, you will not be able to use this image an it will need to be replaced. By using this image within your work you may be subject to pro
Please make sure that you follow the instructions to copy and download your templates otherwise you will lose your work. 

NONE of the images may be reused in your template pack. They are watermarked and using them is illegal. If you want to learn more about where you can purchase these images, please visit the Tips and Resources Tab.

Please make sure that you follow the instructions to copy and download your templates otherwise you will lose your work. 

NONE of the templates I share with you may be copied and resold or used in your own business. Please understand that if you copy my designs - my attorney and I will take the appropriate and necessary actions to protect the business I have built.

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  If you are in the beauty industry, Instagram is where it is at.
  There is not a product, polished nail, perfect eyebrow or pretty face that isn't present here. 

So how do you stand out as an ideal choice, in what seems like a sea of salon sameness.  

One word - BRANDING.

If your brand doesn't immediately hug the hearts and remain memorable in the minds of your prospective clients,

Fact - Your Forgettable. 

Consumers now-days, are spicy, savvy and sure of what they like and don't.  They can have it now and want it that way.

If not interested or engaged immediately, they have already scrolled by.

Visuals are so important when it come to branding. Especially on Instagram. One before and after picture after the other gets boring fast and doesn't let your prospects see your personality and engage with you brand story. 

Break up with the boring before and after feed, save yourself time, effort and dollars by using these easily editable, high quality graphics, to present your business the way big brands do on Instagram. Without the big budget. Spotlight your salon as the ideal choice for your prospective clients. Show them who you are and why you're different and why they should pick you.

Your investment here is endless, as you can edit these templates over and over again. Just like a little lippy, mascara and a new pair of earrings gives you a new look and new confidence, so will these templates.
Half Geek Half Chic - 
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